Test Center

Electromagnetic compatibility test

EMCEquipment and test capacity provided for EMB laboratory:

1.It has a semi-anechoic chamber and one set of electromagnetic disturbance equipment that comply with CISPR25, which can be used for the test of radiation emission (RE), conducted emission voltage method (CEV) and conducted emission current probe method (CEC).

2. It has a semi-anechoic chamber and one set of radiation immunity and hand-held emission immunity test equipment that comply with ISO 11452-2/9, which can be used to test radiation immunity free field method (RI) and radar wave emitter immunity (PTI).

3. It has one shielding room and one set of bulk current injection and magnetic field interference resistance test equipment that complies with ISO 11452-4/8 standards capable of performing radiate susceptibility -bulk current injection (BCI) and low frequency magnetic field immunity (MFI) tests.

4. It has one set of transient immunity test equipment and one set of transient conducted emission equipment in accordance with ISO 7637 standards, which can test power cord transient conducted immunity (CIP), signal line coupling/inductive conduction immunity (CIS) and transient conducted emission (CTE).

5. It has a shielding room and a set of electrostatic discharge equipment that meets ISO 10605 standards capable of conducting electrostatic discharge (ESD) tests.

Environment tests

Major test capacity: high/low-temperature test, thermal shock test, humidity and heat test, temperature cycle test, etc, which will satisfy environment reliability tests of Volkswagen, General Motors, SAIC and other car makers.

Equipment capacity: There are 12 sets of testing equipment, which mainly consists of 10 sets of weather test chambers and 2 sets of thermal shock test chambers.

Photoelectric analysis and measurement

Major test capacity: It is used to test and analyze comprehensive characteristics of light, color, electricity of high power integrated packaged LED and LED modules and other products under different shell temperatures, relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, main wavelength, peak wavelength, spectral purity, color temperature, color rendering index, half width, luminous flux, radiant power, red color tolerance, current, voltage, power, etc.

Equipment capacity: It has two sets of HAAS-2000 high accuracy quick spectrum radiometers, one set of ATA-1000 automatic temperature control photoelectric analysis and measurement system.

Size measurement

Major measurement capacity: According to the requirements for design drawings, the traditional dimensional inspection such as form and position tolerance of samples is carried out; non-contact scanning data will be compared with the product design CAD models, and the full-scale detection of the scanning point cloud is performed; and the 3D solid modeling of the scanning data is conducted.

Equipment capacity: It has blue light scanner ATOS core 300, hand-held probe 3-coordinate XM1200, image coordinate measuring instrument GVC2M and other measuring equipment.

Metallographic analysis

Major test capacity: Slice analysis/metal coating thickness measurement; according to IPC-TM-650, IPC-A-610, IPC-6012, GM3172-2018 and as required by customers, to carry out destructive inspection on the internal structure and mutual matching of components, carry out the measurement of metal coatings, IMC thickness and solder void rates.

Equipment capacity: It is provided with 1 set of automatic precision cutting machine JMQ-60Z, 2 sets of metallographic specimen polishing machines PG-2B and 1 set of ZEISS optical microscope VertA1.

Noninvasive detection

Major test capacity: Used to monitor whether there is any abnormality in the internal bonding wire structure of within LED package and SMT workshop process control; for any failure state that can not be displayed by 2D perspective, it can be presented by means of tomography with three-view observation of internal structures; nondestructive failure analysis observation and measurement of coating film thickness sizes, etc.

Test Center Environment Display

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