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The Technical Center of the Company was founded in 2010, and in 2011, it was recognized as the corporate technical center in Jiading District, Shanghai. In 2019, it was recognized as the corporate technical center in Shanghai. It has six departments, namely Development Department, Engineering Department, Equipment Department, Innovation Promotion Department, Microelectronics Department and Information Department. It has a research and development team composed of master's degree and experienced engineers, with their technical ability covering system design, hardware, software, machinery, simulation, process, tooling equipment, automation equipment development and other fields. It has several design research and development capacity such as software and hardware simulation, EMC simulation, thermal simulation, vehicle specification level LED packaging, CAN/ LIN bus test, etc. The technology center has SPICE Level II and CMMI Level III qualification software development and project management capabilities as well as reliability laboratory, EMC Laboratory and other experimental resources.

The corporate technical center carries forward the philosophy as “Credit, Innovation, Top Quality and Efficiency”, with innovation as the core motive force for business development. Guided by industrial development demands, with the promotion of mutual development of enterprises and industries, it works out innovation strategies, constructs the innovation system, develops technical innovation activities, so it has formed core technical competence, which supports innovation strategies of the Company. Over the recent years, by virtue of application technical study and new technological foundation study, it has explored ideas, enriched product varieties, and has made a great number of technical achievements, and realized innovation prices. It has completely independent intellectual property rights with licenses of more than 100 patents and software copyrights.

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