Our Company has attached great importance to the launch of technical research and development focusing on wisdom of all personnel making every effort to tackle problems, so it has made made remarkable achievement that deserves pride and praise. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to come to visit our Company for instruction. All staff members and workers from Shanghai SEEYAO Electronic Co., Ltd are looking forward to sincere cooperation with you. Thanks
  • 1 To pay regular visits to customers to collect application information for customers, and establish customer service files.
  • 2 To maintain active communication and exchange with customers subject to technologies and standards for the products.
  • 3 To provide after-sale technical service support and technical instructions about operation.
  • 4 Quick response support to field problems from customers.
  • 5 Analysis and processing of customers’ sites and after-sale failure complaints.
  • 6 Return shipping of defective parts and coordination with related parties.
  • 7 To provide reception service for review and  visit by customers.
Achieve customer satisfaction
In order to better serve customers
We adhere to the concept of "integrity, innovation, quality, and efficiency"
Actively seize development opportunities and treat customers with sincerity
Provide high-quality technology and products through management innovation
Realize the satisfaction of our customers with high-efficiency services.
Increase customer trust
Now we continue to sum up experience in after-sales service work
Improve service quality and strengthen work
Improve the after-sales service system to solve customer application problems
Improve product credibility and customer trust.
After-sales service contact
Contact: Mr. Zhang
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