Manufacturing Center

SEEYAO Manufacturing Center has a team of production management and manufacturing with extensive experience and ability. It boasts complete categories of products with top quality in the domestic automobile electronic industry. The product categories include vehicle control modules, vehicle body sensors, step motors, vehicle dark ultraviolet air-conditioner sterilizing devices, PES and LED headlight modules and other automobile electronic products, with annual yield of more than 55 million pieces. It rigorously executes the manufacturing process on the basis of IATF16949 and General BIQS Systems, and runs data connection and storage in the entire manufacturing process using SAP and IPMS and other management and manufacturing systems, which can trace production data of every product as required by customers

The entire manufacturing process is based on manufacturing process management, quality management, equipment management, personnel management and workshop management informatization by means of the MES system independently developed by the Company.

The Manufacturing process management includes production scheduling management, lot tracing management of materials and products, line side warehouse management, production line operation status management and production abnormality management.

For quality management, the Company has integrated BIQS management methods of Shanghai General Motors, on which basis, manufacturing process information, equipment and product test information has been combined so that the quality process is traceable, real-time information can be fed back and reminded to ensure punctuality, quality and quantity assurance to complete production.

Equipment management includes equipment basic information management, equipment repair and maintenance management, equipment parameter management,. product test parameters and production version informatization, etc.

Personnel management is in combination with manufacturing process and equipment management, quality management modules, management personnel post qualification, training process, personnel skills, post record, product manufacturing and production quality and efficiency statistics and other functions.

In the production and manufacturing process of automobile electronic parts, complete process chains have been formed from SMT to assembly. Laser code printing and vacuum reflux technology have been introduced and mastered. The assembly adopts robot arms for automatic assembly, laser welding and online testing. The automatic module production devices are suitable for the production of different products, hence a large-scale production is formed. Meanwhile, it is equipped with automatic wiring harness crimping and automatic plug-in special processing workshops, which can meet the production of most automobile electronic products. The manufacturing center adopts node parallel management to ensure that products will meet customer requirements are produced in a timely basis. The entire manufacturing center is divided into four departments: Production Planning Department, Production Preparation Department, Production Machine Repair Department and Production Management Department to ensure coordinated processing and guarantee of manufacturing operation.

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